Future ANG CyberWorkshops

Future ANG CyberWorkshops are being planned -- check back here regularly to see what has been scheduled!

Complete registration information for each class, including fees, will be available on the ANG Web site when registration for the class opens.

Class and Teacher:  Essamplaire II - The Peace Sampler by Michele Roberts
Registration Period:  March 1 - April 30, 2017
CyberWorkshop Begins:  July 1, 2017
Proficiency Level:  Any skill level

For those who love unique stitches and wish to tailor the size, images, languages, colors, and threads on a sampler to their own taste, it is time for a sampler which has peace as its theme. An ancient icon, the claddagh (hands holding a heart) surmounts the design. Each corner bears clasped hands. Olive branches grow out of the hands. Butterflies flit from one olive branch to another.

The word "Peace" is spelled out and charted in 21 languages. Students choose the languages in order to personalize their samplers. The sampler as shown uses 25 unique stitches and techniques from many nations of the world. Variations on these stitches, plus a few additional stitches for substitutions, are included in the text.

The design is stitched in pearl cotton and floche on Congress cloth and measures 6" x 12". If stitched on 18-count the sampler would measure 8" x 16".

A bit of history: The first online ANG correspondence course in 1996 was Essamplaire I, a band sampler which introduced 24 unique stitches. Esssamplaire II is the companion piece for the first sampler!

Class and Teacher:  On the Edge by Carolyn Mitchell
Registration Period:  May 1 - June 30, 2017
CyberWorkshop Begins:  September 1, 2017
Proficiency Level:  Advanced Intermediate

This design depicts how man is encroaching on nature. The designer draws on the artistic talents of Lawren Harris and Frank Lloyd Wright to express this concept. The design is stitched on French Blue canvas. Perle cotton and floss, the basics of our embroidery stitches and supplies, are used for the barren landscape that represents the everyday natural life. The starkness of the landscape is achieved through the use of basic stitches including criss-cross Hungarian, chain stitch, and Van Dyke. In depicting the human appetite for man-made beauty, a wide variety of silk, cotton and metallic threads across a large colour range are utilized. A wide variety of stitches such as Chilly Hollow, layered waffle, sprat's head, walneto, oblong cross and rice stitches are employed to offset the starkness of the barren landscape.

The border design is simple, like the rugged landscape of our countries; but rich like the splendid buildings found in their cities. Very Velvet Petite offers both effects; deep, dark, and rich! The beauty of simple eyelets stitched randomly in the border keeps the colours traveling from dark to light around the edge of the design without distracting from the inner message.

The design is stitched on #18 canvas. The finished design is 8" x 9.25".

Class and Teacher:  Jessica, Sweet Jessica by Kurdy Biggs
Registration Period:  July 1 - August 31, 2017
CyberWorkshop Begins:  November 1, 2017
Proficiency Level:  Intermediate

Have you ever considered designing your own geometric piece? In Jessica, Sweet Jessica we will start with an original design and investigate ways to vary a single stitch to achieve different effects as well as use multiple stitches in an area to create different effects. Students will be given the basic framework of the design, and then will be able to choose from four to six variations of stitches to complete each section of the design. The 7 ½" x 7 ½" design is stitched on 18 count mono canvas and two colorways will be offered in an optional kit. This will be a four-month workshop.

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