Needle Pointers
Vol. XXIX, Number 3-- May 2001
9 You Gotta Have Friends
How a friendship sampler saved Hawaii's Aloha Chapter from disbanding.
By Donna Neilson
12 Then and Now
A brief tale of how Hardanger embroidery came to be and where it stands today.
By Laurann Gilbertson and Rosalyn K. Watnemo
15 Do Try This At Home
Now that you know a little more about Hardanger embroidery, try this lovely "Delicate Hearts" project.
Designed by Rosalyn K. Watnemo
17 Diapers
Who would have thought you'd ever look forward to working with them?  Of course, we mean the delightful diaper pattern.
By by Ann Strite-Kurz
20 Giraffic Gyrations
This appropriately titled project uses an elaborate diaper pattern to ensure the featured creature is head and shoulders above the rest.
Designed by Ann Strite-Kurz
24 NASA Patch - STS 45Mission Accomplished
Q: What do NASA and needlepoint have in common?
A: ANG's most recent national project, which features stitched reproductions of mission patches for each of the manned space flights.
By Lisa M. Balbes, Ph.D.
32 Fall 2001 StitchAways and Destinations ANG
Class descriptions, registration form, and everything else you need for this fall's exciting needlepoint getaways.


Giraffic Gyrations Cover, Giraffic Gyrations, page 20

Ann Strite-Kurz didn't have to stick her neck out when designing this comely project.

Hawaii's Aloha Chapter Friendship Sampler


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3 Date Book
4 Shay's Solutions, by Shay Pendray
6 Trade Secrets
6 Tips, by Pamela Harding
6 Book Reviews, by Carolyn M. Humes
7 Legends of the Past, by Jill Becker
7 Product News, by Sandy Rodgers
8 Techniques, by Marion Scoular
39 Guild News
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