Needle Pointers
Vol. XXIX, Number 5 -- September 2001
9 Mountmellick Work
The embroidery that saved a town -- twice.
By Lisa M. Balbes, Ph.D.

Do The White Thing
A delicate spray of flowers enhances this winning white-on-white Mountmellick project.
By Janet M. Davies

19 An Awesome Adaptation
Take Janet Davies' white-on-white Mountmellick design, add some color, lose the fringe, switch to Congress cloth, and that's exactly what you'll get.
By Kathy Holman

Tips, Tricks & Techniques

More tips from David McCaskill, page 21

Tips, Tricks, And Techniques
Part two of a six-part series, focusing this issue on multi-colored threads.
By David McCaskill

24 A True Collaboration
ANG joins an effort to create a nostalgic needlework exhibit and an exciting new book.
By Jeane Hutchins
25 Pretty In Purple
Shades of purple and glimmers of gold grace this tempting tassel.
By Meredith Barnhill
30 Another Mystery, Part 2
Now that part one is complete, can you guess what the finished design will be? Keep on stitching, and soon all will be revealed.


Cover, Pretty in Purple, page 25
A tempting tassel for you to tackle.

Pretty In Purple Tassel

Mountmellick Adaptation
This Mountmellick marvel is easier than you might think, page 19


3 Date Book
3 President's Column, by Diane E. Trobaugh
4 Shay's Solutions, by Shay Pendray
6 Trade Secrets
6 Tips, by Pamela Harding
6 Book Reviews, by Carolyn M. Humes
7 Legends of the Past, Meredith Barnhill
7 Product News, by Sandy Rodgers
8 Techniques, by Kathy Holman
35 Guild News
37 Annual Report
39 Treasurer's Report
41 Chapter News
42 Volunteer Staff

Legend for Projects

Each needle indicates a suggested degree of difficulty.

Least difficult Most difficult