Seminar 2017
Stitchers Go West
August 25 - September 1, 2017
Anaheim, CA

Welcome Letter

Eureka! The perfect event to celebrate camaraderie and friendship in needle arts. A Gathering of Needle Artist, (ANG backwards). Join others from around the country and world who share your passion. Seminar is truly a spectacular event. We have world class teachers, a judged exhibit, sensational shopping and stitching! Tantalizing talent, temptations and treasures to be sure!

Come join us as ANG "Stitchers Go West" for an adventure to celebrate our 45th sapphire seminar in this sun splashed Southern California town - Anaheim. Where Angels play and magic happens at the happiest place on earth. If summer seminar stitching is not enough, Orange County, the surrounding area or California have lots to offer-take a look: and

Take the time to make a memory to cherish, a trip with a friend or meet friends for an easy getaway where most of the planning is done. All you have to do is decide whether or not to take a class(es) and how long you want to stay. Come create a masterpiece or sit and enjoy the creative atmosphere. Join us for an ANG gold rush as we kick-off ANG's Golden Age, in the Golden State, as we prepare for our 50th Golden Anniversary in 2022.

Seminar is a golden opportunity to be stitched in to ANG.

Lisa Crespo

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