Stitch of the Month
February 2008: Jessica

by Lois Kershner

Our February 2008 stitch with a round appearance is the Jessica stitch. This stitch can be any size, and can be done in a circle, oval, or multitude of other shapes. Keeping with our 2008 theme of stitches creating circle patterns, we will explore a rounded shape.

To form a circle, each "side" of a Jessica will have the same number of stitches. The stitch chart below illustrates the first side of a small Jessica circle with four stitches per side.

Jessica: Side 1

Do the stitches around the perimeter of the circle. You may find it easier to do this stitch if you turn your canvas 90° to stitch the each side. The stitches for side two (light gray) and three (dark gray) of a 4-stitch Jessica are charted.

Jessica: Sides 2 & 3

Notice that the stitches of the fourth side, shown in black in the stitch chart below, are placed under the thread of the first stitches taken. The layering of the stitches creates a raised appearance.

Jessica: Side 4 in black

You can vary the size of the circle by the number of stitches placed on the first line of stitching. Fill the center with beads or another stitch - French Knots, for example, as shown in the stitched Jessica circles of various sizes below.

Stitched Jessica Examples

Or, use the round Jessica stitch to anchor a flat object to your canvas, such as a small sequin. Vary the number of stitches per side according to the size of the object.

Jessica Stitch around a Sequin

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