ANG Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of volunteers who oversee the activities of ANG's volunteer staff. If you would like information about serving on the Board, please contact the ANG Nominating Committee.

The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer; oversees all aspects of ANG’s operations; coordinates the activities of the Board; and serves as ANG's representative to the International Council of Needlework Associations (ICNA) and The National Needlework Association (TNNA).

The President-elect trains in all areas of the President's responsibilities and performs the duties of the President in the President's absence.

The Vice President for Education develops formal programs for advanced education; oversees certification programs, including teachingjudgingneedle arts appraisal, and Master Needle Artist; manages ANG's distance learning programs, including CyberWorkshops, Chapter Project Book, Correspondence CoursesWorkshop By Mail, Publications,and Visual Materials; prepares the Education Directory for publication and distribution to all members in November of even-numbered years; and supervises the National exhibit at seminar.

The Vice President for Membership oversees aspects of membership, the areas and chapters; works with chapters requesting funding from ANG for community projects; coordinates the activities of the Area Representatives; and collects and provides chapter information and news for Needle Pointers and chapter meeting information for the Web Site.

The Vice President for Operations is responsible for contraction management within ANG. In conjunction with the President and Board of Directors, this officer develops the requests for proposals, evaluation criteria for proposals, and contract performance measurements for contracts awarded. Contracts cover meeting planning, membership services, hotel services, publishing, etc.

The Secretary prepares minutes of all official meetings of ANG, maintains official copies of Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies and distributes ANG logo-imprinted materials.

The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of ANG; and oversees all financial aspects of ANG's operations and coordinates with the Jewelry Representative and ANG-approved jewelry vendors concerning all ANG jewelry items.